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  1. Whale Shark

    Whale Shark Figurine

    Product Number: 400005890819

    Meet the beautiful Whale Shark in this exclusive 8" sculpture. This beautifully crafted sculpture is made of stone resin and porcelain finished. Each piece is meticulously hand painted according to the Spanish mosaic tradition and technique in order to recreate the look and feel of real mosaic. This figurine can be displayed indoors or in a well-covered outdoor area.

    Size: 8"

    Regular Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $14.97 Member Price: $13.47
  2. Whale Shark Toy

    Whale Shark Toy

    Product Number: 400006920119

    Add a some imagination and this is the perfect toy for your whale shark lover.

    Size: 9"
    Made of PVC

    Regular Price: $9.99 Member Price: $8.99
  3. 36" Plush Whale Shark

    36" Plush Whale Shark

    Product Number: 400006954565

    Whale sharks are often referred to as "Gentle Giants" at the Georgia Aquarium. If you swam with the whale sharks in Georgia Aquarium's Ocean Voyager exhibit built by The Home Depot and miss them, or simply love whale sharks, this 36" plush whale shark makes a great companion to hug and take on adventures.

    Did you know the largest confirmed whale shark had a length of 41.5' and weighed approximately 66,000 pounds? 

    Regular Price: $59.99 Member Price: $53.99
  4. Plush Baby Whale Shark

    10" Plush Whale Shark

    Product Number: 400006954527

    Enjoy new adventures with this 10" plush baby whale shark.  

    Did you know the name "whale shark" comes from the fish being as large as some whale species and is also a filter feeder like baleen whales?

    Regular Price: $9.99 Member Price: $8.99

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4 Item(s)